Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does Google Trends Data Equate To Consumer Interest?

Google labs is as passionate about providing cool apps as I am about using them. Thus said, a new post by Google Trends A new flavor of Google Trends draws, in my opinion, a clearly incorrect conclusion. 

The post tries to relate search volume to consumer interest. According to the post, ice cream shops and supermarkets should be sure to stock up on chocolate ice cream:

"Google Trends is not only a fun tool; it also offers some practical uses as well. Suppose you own an ice cream shop and don't know which flavors to serve, or suppose you're responsible for stocking supermarkets across the country; Trends can help you explore the popularity and seasonality of your products."

"As the numbers on the top of the graph indicate, vanilla ice cream has about 30 percent less search traffic than chocolate ice cream."

However, if you perform a Google search for ice cream popular flavors and drill down to a sampling of articles, you will be able to easily see that vanilla ice cream is between 2 and 3 times globally more popular among consumers than chocolate ice cream.

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