Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Large Google Image Search Bug

The bug is that Google Image search results are roughly the same irrespective of the user's locale. You can try these searches...
Search for faces

I haven't yet been to Nigeria, but it's likely folks look different in Nigeria than in the US.

Search for hamburger

I haven't yet been to India, but it's likely that because cows are sacred the search results for hamburger should be different. Perhaps, the images should be of veggie-burgers.

Search for House

I haven't yet been to South Africa, but it's likely that because of economics and climate differences houses in South Africa look different from typical houses in the US.

Google Web search is localized by language, and Google News search provides a large selection of localized Google News pages.

Not localizing Google image searches is a large bug.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A GMail Bug

A few days ago, I sent an email but it wasn't deliverable. Usually, when this happens a Postmaster failure to deliver email is returned to the GMail inbox. The bug is this time the failure to deliver email went directly into the GMail spam folder.

In GMail, spam is a couple of clicks away from the inbox. Unlike some other email clients, GMail does not have a "You have spam!" alert. Probably, GMail hides access
to spam because it presumes it can effectively detect spam from nonspam.

It would be useful if GMail could put Postmaster failure to deliver emails into the GMail inbox where users can see them.