Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frontiers To Computer Search!

Google provides the public with a glance into how it is improving search: "A peek into our search factory". Breaking through search limits is, of course, a worthy goal.

Increasing the amount/types of accessible data, enhancing user input, and improving search retrieval algorithms should result in a continuous improvement of search result pages.
However… there may be a few limits to creating a perfect search engine:
  • Some media types are probably totally inaccessible. For example: human memory. Billions of folks are walking around with enormous amounts of valuable, but unsearchable, human memory. It will be quite some time into the future before Google can search human memory.
  • Some media types are partially inaccessible. For example: proprietary intellectual property, geophysical and space data, and the contents of an incoming foreign cargo ship.
  • Some search results may be nearly impossible to achieve because of search algorithm limits. For example: searching for a cure to AIDS.

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