Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google Advanced News Search: A Small Bug

If you go to and click Advanced News Search, a form appears with fields you can use to filter news results.

Two of these fields are:
 - Source (e.g. CNN, New York Times)
 - Location (e.g. California, India)

Google defines these fields here:

"In the Source field, you can identify a specific publication whose articles you'd like to see exclusively in your search results. Likewise, in the Location field you can specify from what geographic location you'd like to see articles."

This is the small search bug: The "Location" label is ambiguous. "Location" can mean the news stories occur in a particular location, or the news sources are located in that location.

Google's intent is that the publication sources are in a particular location.

To fix the ambiguous field labels I suggest these three fields instead:

 - This publication source:
 - Sources located here:
 - Stories occurring here:

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