Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Several Trivial GMail Bugs

You can see these trivial bugs here: GMail Inbox -> Show search options -> Date within field. As an arbitrary example, in the "Date within" field specify "Date within 3 days" of "9/1/10". Click "Search Mail".

Note: The current date is 9/1/2010.

Google runs the query and displays this spurious message: "after:2010/8/29 before:2010/9/5".

Here are the bugs:

Bug #1: "before:2010/9/5" is a bug because Google's Gmail cannot run a search into the future side of the stated time range.

Bug #2: "after:2010/8/29" is also bug because "Date within 3 days" of "9/1/10" should include the current day and the 3 preceding days. After 2010/8/29 suggests 1) 2010/8/30 and 2) 2010/8/31 which is a 2-day, not a 3-day range.

Bug #3: Although the query message says "after:2010/8/29", the results actually include emails received on 2010/8/29. The fix would be to change the word "after" to "from". The "before" part of the message should be deleted when it involves future days.

Bug #4: The Gmail query message label: "after:2010/8/29 before:2010/9/5" uses a yyyy/m/dd date format. Though not incorrect, mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy formats are more typically used.

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