Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Trivial, One Small, And One Large Chrome Browser Bug

A couple of days ago, I downloaded Chrome.

Bug #1 (trivial bug):

I downloaded Chrome from a Google US download page, and ran the setup file expecting the Chrome GUI to be in English. Instead, the Chrome GUI was localized by my IP address so the GUI language was non-English.

This wouldn't be a bug if changing the Chrome locale settings was user friendly. It took me a few minutes, in a foreign language, to find the language settings under this non-intuitive path: Options -> Under the Hood -> Web Content -> Change font and language settings.

The three Chrome option tab labels 1) "Basics", 2) "Personal Stuff", and 3) "Under the Hood" are not self-descriptive. Having tab labels that are not self-descriptive is a bug. In my opinion, locale settings could arguably be placed under any of those tabs.

I would make these changes:

  • Add a locale picker to the Chrome download page, or to a screen that displays the first time the Chrome browser is launched.
  • Move the "Translate" and "Language" settings from the "Under the Hood" tab to a tab called "On the Road" to make it easier for users to find those settings and to expand the car metaphor.
Bug #2 (small bug):

By default, Chrome checks spelling in user name fields. In my opinion, most user names will not exist in a spell-checker dictionary - so the spell checker will keep making errors.

For Google account users, Google could add a list of those user names to the Chrome spell-check dictionary which it hasn't.

In my opinion, Chrome should not spell-check user name fields at all. Consider this scenario: A user goes to a login screen (e.g. Google accounts), enters a user name and password, and clicks "Sign in".

Would any product developer consider displaying user name suggestions as an error message on a failed login screen? I doubt it, but that's what Chrome does now when a user enters a value in a user name field that is not in the Chrome spell-check dictionary.

Bug #3 (large bug):

If you click Options -> Under the Hood -> Change Proxy Settings a dialog box called "Internet Properties" is displayed. This dialog box contains dozens of important parameters other than for changing proxy settings which are located under the "Connections" tab.

The large bug is that as far as I can tell there is no way to display the "Internet Properties" dialog box to expose all of its important parameters other than to click: Under the Hood -> Change Proxy Settings.

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