Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Small Google Web Search Options Message Bug

Here's a small Google search options bug:

Run any Google search - say, for volcano. Click Related Searches -> Nearby -> Custom Location. An empty edit field displays and under it the following message appears:

"Sorry, we couldn't understand . Please try another location."

Here are reasons this is a bug:

1. The message should display after, not before, the user enters a value, clicks Search, and Google doesn't understand it.

2. The anthropomorphic "Sorry, we" may be considered a small bug: 1) Google doesn't have to express regrets, 2) why is Google referred to as a plural "we"?

Would Microsoft Windows display a message such as: "Excuse us, but we could not open your dialog box"?

3. There's an incorrect space between the word "understand" and the period.

My suggestion is to improve the message by changing it to something like this:

"Good afternoon. This problem can only be attributable to human error. Please try another location."

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