Sunday, January 3, 2010

Google Advanced Web Search bug

The Google Advanced Web search page has several bugs.

Let's say you are searching for information about green peppers or red tomatoes or yellow bananas. In the ordinary Google Web search enter this query:

"green pepper" OR "red tomato" OR "yellow banana"

Click search. The results display Web sites referring to green peppers, red tomatoes, or yellow bananas.

The bug appears if on the results page you click the Advanced Search link.

The Advanced Search query builder comes up with this bug:

| red-tomato | yellow-banana "green pepper"

The leftmost space and " |" symbol do not have any meaning. The query now requires either a "red tomato" or a "yellow banana" and always requires a "green pepper".

If you click search, display the results, and again click the Advanced Search link, the Advanced Search page comes up again with another incorrect query:

| yellow-banana green-pepper "red tomato"

All of the terms have now been made exact required phrases.

Repeat the process and you get this bug:

green-pepper red-tomato "yellow banana"

The Advanced Search page has quite seriously departed from the original query:

"green pepper" OR "red tomato" OR "yellow banana"

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