Thursday, February 7, 2008

Google QA Testing: The Stroop Effect

The Google testing blog presents the following demo of the Stroop effect:

How quickly can you...
  1. Read all 25 words out loud: RED, GREEN, BLUE, ... (Try it now!)

  2. Say all 25 colors out loud: GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE... (Try it now!)
However, IMO for a more precise comparison both tasks should require either saying the label or saying the color.

The example provided by the Google testing blog obfuscates the Stroop effect with the quite probably different reaction times needed for the tasks of 1) reading labels and 2) converting color samples to their color names.

Another demo of the Stroop effect from Wikipedia is presented here:

Say the color of these words as fast as you can:

Green Red Blue
Yellow Blue Yellow

Blue Yellow Red
Green Yellow Green

According to the Stroop effect, the first set of colors would have had a faster reaction time.
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